About Vanja Sea:

Vanja Sea is a textile, fashion and knitwear brand founded by me, Finnish/Japanese fashion and textile designer Rosa Piironen. I design and manufacture high-quality products while keeping the production process as ecological and ethical as possible (sustainable designing, zero waste, organic materials, custom-making, slow fashion etc.). All my products are manufactured in Finland. I design patterns and garments, knit and sew. My goal is to design and make products that are meaningful and dear. I feel the world is always in need of little bit more freedom and goofiness. 

Contact & inquires: shop@vanjasea.com


VANJA SEA & friends - shop & studio

You can find our store in the lovely Fiskars Village in an old granary all year round. Shop carries Finnish design and handicrafts, from slow fashion clothes and accessories to paper goods and gifts, both from Vanja Sea's own collection and from numerous friends.

Brands from our friends: Johanna K. Design, Tarttuva, Kauneve, Pixie Dust, Kultavilla, Polka Paper, Mariel Design, Työhuone Anne Lamberg, Catteco, Annariina Design, Riiminka, Aleksiina Design, Anu Saari, Bianca Byggmästar, T to E, Nuuxtribe, Ruohobussi, Schoppel Wolle, Muru, Nova Melina, Annasari, Milja Laine, Inppudesign, Verna Kovanen, Natalia Ruth, Kaarina Ormio, Memento Mori.

VANJA SEA & friends (old granary), Fiskarsintie 333

Open in 2024, Spring:

Fri-Sat 12:00-16:00

Closed 17.-18.5.